Have Faith in God

2015 Annual Theme

Each year in January the Lord has given me a theme to define the emphasis and vision of the coming year. The theme, “Have faith in God” was born out of a desire to emphasize the need for faithfulness in our Christian lives, and yet faithfulness comes as we walk by faith in our faithful God.  Our God is trustworthy!  He is worthy of our faith.  His faithfulness is unchanging. If we chose to live a life of faith in God, His faithfulness will be the foundation of our lives and we too will be found faithful.

The phrase, “Have faith in God” was spoken by our Lord Jesus Christ in Mark. 11:22.  Jesus had cursed a fig tree because it gave a show of fruit and yet had none.  The next day when His disciples saw that the fig tree was withered up they were shocked.  Jesus responded, “Have faith in God.”  Why were they surprised that what Christ had said had actually come to pass?  It was because they had forgotten Who He was: the very Son of God.  They had forgotten Who He represented: God the Father.  The God Who created all things with the word of His mouth certainly has the power to give life and to destroy.  We too can forget just how awesome our God is.  His power, knowledge, wisdom, and love are infinite!  We don’t need great faith, we need faith in a great God!  This year through preaching and teaching my goal is to lift up our faithful God and inspire both faith and faithfulness in our service for Him. Don’t miss an opportunity to join us for the preaching of God’s Word!